Posted by: Josh Lokken | May 18, 2011

My New Buddy

So I’ve been talking with Tom. Tom is a 50 something native New Zealander now living in Germany. Once every several years, nostalgia brings him back to New Zealand. Actually, his exact words for returning were to, “get away from the Mrs, get pissed, and smoke dope.” Taking his advice may or may not have been a good idea. Either way, I’m now headed south to Tongariro National Park and the land of Mount Doom.

Taking me there will be my trusty 1992 Subaru Legacy recently purchased from a trio of Czech skaters. Not that I doubt my car’s capabilities, but the threat of breaking down should add more spontaneity to my travel, in addition to the joy of driving a manual on the left side of the road.

In other news, I’ll share a few photos of the Corromandel Peninsula, a beautiful area two hours drive east of Auckland.


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