Posted by: Josh Lokken | June 11, 2011

Being Poor and Drinking Wine

Yesterday I played a fantastic game called “go on a wine tour and pretend we’re not dirt poor backpackers.” It was loads of fun.

For the past week I’ve been hanging around Marlborough wine country. While not the most exciting part of New Zealand, it’s a good place to find some work, save some cash and stick out the winter. Last Saturday, I had the afternoon free.

Our very friendly hostel manager and designated driver, Scott, was kind enough to organize a wine tour around the region.

Amazingly, Scott has in-depth knowledge of all the free wine tasting cellars within at 10 kilometer radius of our hostel. With our backpacker ability to sniff out all things free, our international group of eight loaded up the van and headed off.

Using phrases such as “do you ship internationally?” and “what awards has your Sauvignon Blanc won?” we tried our best to pretend that 1) we actually had money, 2) knew something about wine, and 3) maybe, just maybe, might buy a bottle.

I would be an optimist to say that we actually succeeded in any of these, but either way our servers were friendly, sociable, and answered our questions. Four hours, six wine tastings, and zero dollars is a solid way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Josh – 1, Marlborough wine region – 0.



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