Posted by: Josh Lokken | June 17, 2011

Surviving the Snores

I like English Johnny. If nothing else, he’s got a good accent. Not one of those obnoxiously posh “I want to sound like the Queen” accents, but a “don’t mess with me I’m from the North of England” accent.

The problem is, Johnny is a loud sleeper and sharing a room with the guy for the past week and a half doesn’t make my life any easier. Far too often I wake up wondering how this guy even manages to produce those sounds.

Having always been a fan of stereotypes, I try my best to single out those that might disrupt my slumber. Before choosing a dorm room, it is imperative that I look for the smokers and overweight champs that so frequently provide their own unique nocturnal serenade. Sometimes however, you just don’t have this luxury and get stuck with the Johnnys. Your nights become a race to fall asleep first before the snores can catch you. Inevitably, you lose.

But yesterday I caught a lucky break. Johnny finally sold his car, and with cash now in his bank account he can finally purchase a flight home.

Travelling is funny like that. I had to wait for some guy from England to sell his car in order to get a good nights sleep. But I shouldn’t complain, it’s just a small part of the game I signed up for.


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