Posted by: Josh Lokken | August 13, 2011

Working for the Weekend

When you’re traveling, everyday is Saturday. Delightful really. Go to sleep when the conversation fades, wake up whenever you like.

Eventually however, you run out of money and the weekend stops. Sleeping in just isn’t as much fun when you can’t afford breakfast. Inevitably, you must face Monday.

You join the plebeians and get job, and just like in your previous life you begin to appreciate those two short days off.

The great thing about weekends in New Zealand is that so many diverse landscapes are so accessible. Within the compact South Island you’re never more than a stones throw away from a great day trip.

Sunday is my day off to put on the Ray Bans, roll down the windows in my Subaru, forget that I sold my soul to the vineyards, and drive off in the direction of something interesting.

Two weeks ago was the Marlborough Sounds. The week before that, Nelson Lakes National Park. Last Saturday, I felt like sticking around and did the wine tour…again.

Okay, I’ll admit, it’s too cold for the beach. I guess that’s just something that will have to wait till November. Even still, there’s plenty to keep my mind off Monday.


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