Posted by: Josh Lokken | December 14, 2011

Hot Side Diaries

Yet again, I’m hesitant to write about my day job.

Maybe it’s my pride that won’t allow me to admit that my job can be performed by anyone with an IQ higher than an eggplant. More likely, its probably the fact that my job just isn’t that interesting. But regardless, perhaps you’d like to know.

I open mussels. Green shell mussels to be exact. Apparently, they’re pretty famous and get shipped all over the world. On any given night I’ll open between 6,000 and 9,000 of them. It’s titillating work.

Most people’s reactions are fairly typical. Inquisitive, mildly surprised expressions that I’ve lasted eight weeks in a job so profoundly boring. But I tell them, and perhaps I can convince you, that it’s actually not that bad.

Of course it’s not a resume builder. But the fact that the job requires no more than three brain cells allows me to devote most of my attention towards other things. In this instance, audio.

I’ve become a huge fan of iTunesU. A fantastic resource where you can download (for free) lectures from colleges and universities all over the world. Economics, philosophy, theology, whatever. It’s an awesome resource which I wholly recommend checking out.

Consequently, my days have become mussel opening, econ lecture/spanish lesson/audiobook binges which, oddly enough, I often look forward to. Maybe it’s a strange coping mechanism, but it works.

But before I seal my identity as a total nerd, I do have periods where I just want to throw on some rock classics and space out for a few hours. And of course, I do.



  1. ¡Espero que siguir escribiendo! Yo leo este blog cada mes, de manera que puedo escuchar de sus aventuras

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