Posted by: Josh Lokken | February 2, 2012

Kiwi Drama

Today, I vent.

I know I’ve mentioned the laid back Kiwi “sweet as” attitude before and my love/hate approach towards it. Well, my previous attitude has taken an immediate turn towards indelible hatred.

Particularly when that unmistakable attitude involves walking into work on Monday and being told, “We’ve got an e-coli problem and until further notice you’re out of a job. We think it will be fixed in one week but we really don’t know, we knew about the problem last week and actually the week before that too, but our infinite wisdom decided to tell you today. Oh, and naturally you won’t be getting paid. Have a good week.”

Afterwards, my co-workers and I did the only obvious thing. We started drinking.

And so instead of indulging in my typical Monday night mussel binge, I sat with my Brazilian and Chilean friends drinking cheap beer, watching the Australian Open, and discussing our appreciation for Maria Sharipova’s glowing contribution to the tennis world.

So maybe it’s not all bad. At least until I can’t afford the beer.


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