Posted by: Josh Lokken | February 12, 2012

Goodbye, dear friend

Feast on my magnificence!

Remember way back when…you know, when I first arrived in New Zealand and debated the decision to buy a car? No? Then you can read about that here.

Okay, now that you’re up to speed, last week it came time to sell my car. And, I got exactly what I was asking for it.

Well…maybe a little less.

Okay, a few hundred less that what I was hoping. But it was still a fair deal. And perhaps I couldn’t turn a profit like I had hoped, but I did unload this fine piece of engineering for NZ$125 less than what I bought it for.

As a tribute, here are a few pictures of her – in all her majestic 177,000 mile glory.

Somethings I will naturally miss. Like the freedom to drive miles down back country roads, with nothing but my camping gear and a smile, far from any hint of cell phone reception, and pray to all things holy she doesn’t break down.

Somethings not so much. Like the conversations with the mechanic where I get to ask in my diffident, prepubescent voice, “and how much is that going to cost?” Or how I seemed to hemorrhage money every time I stopped at the pump.

Yes, the car was an expense, but far from the financial nightmare it could have been. And between the money I saved by not riding buses and staying in hostels, in conjunction with the liberty of some incredible camping, buying a car was a decision very well made.


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