Posted by: Josh Lokken | March 16, 2012

Why hello there. Remember me?

So I’ve been lazy lately, and I’m sure that the multitude of dedicated readers have endured a growing frustration. Well…maybe not. But I pushed aside updating the blog for more productive endeavors, like watching nauseatingly bad boot-legged chick flicks (yes, I’m talking to you Aston Kutcher) and researching the cheapest flights to Asia.

But in my defense, there hasn’t been a whole lot to tell you about. Except for the Asia part. So just in case you’re wondering…

I plan on leaving New Zealand in mid-April, continue to delay the real world, and spend several weeks wondering around South East Asia. That obviously requires money (although surprisingly not that much) and so the next month will likely involve mussel opening bonanzas just brimming with excitement.

With my flight booked, it has now become decisions of where exactly to go. Inevitably I’ll hit parts of the banana pancake trail, but to be honest I really just don’t know. Right now my plan sits somewhere between “just show up and see what the heck happens” and “maybe I should consider buying a guide book.” It’s worked before.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Four weeks of cruel and unusual punishment in exchange for Patong beach, Siem Reap, and Pad Thai. It’s a deal I’m willing to make.


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